The Red Priests

Ancient religions believed the universe emerged from sound—and what created the world can also destroy it. Even the smallest noise can be explosive for Charlotte Lane, and her hyper-acute hearing cloisters her in the decaying splendor of Trinity, New York. But when music scholar Jeremy Deacon vanishes on a research trip to Venice Charlotte must emerge from hiding to find her beloved teacher.

Linked to his disappearance is an elusive violin made by Antonio Vivaldi—one believed to harbor the same power the old religions revered. Some dismiss the violin as a myth. Some insist it is real. Still others calling themselves Red Priests will lie, assault, and even kill to gain control of the instrument.

As Charlotte races deeper into the labyrinth of entwined mysteries—Jeremy Deacon’s and Vivaldi’s—she arrives at the same crux: herself. This truth will either help or destroy her as she works against the Red Priests’ diabolical plot.